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Photo of the Sun Valley Campground
Photo of the Sun Valley Campground
Photo of the Sun Valley Campground
Photo of the Sun Valley Campground

Description of Sun Valley Campground: This family oriented campground features gravel and grass sites for both RVs and tents, surrounded by the sounds of nature, in the heart of Pennsylvania Dutch Country. Amusements include a swimming pool and a well-stocked pond; and for the kids, a petting zoo, a game room, playground, hayrides, basketball, sand volleyball, horseshoes, camp store, snack bar and a magazine/book swap.

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Traveler Reviews of Sun Valley Campground

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A Debt of Gratitude 

It turned out.  I was bleeding internally and spent the next several days in the ICU. My wife found herself with no vehicle and her husband in the Hospital.  

The comunity at the campground was amazing.  I say community as it was just that. Our camping neighbors helped my wife, the staff and ownership offered use of a car and rides to and from the hospital and assured her not to worry about our camper being there well beyond what we had reserved and paid for.  

We were able to get my truck from the local dealership where it was towed and pick up the camper about a week later. The owner stopped by while my father-in-law was hooking up the camper. Not only did she allow us to keep the camper there and not charge us for the additional days, she didn't charge us at all. 

Unfortunately I saw very little of the campground. What I did see I liked. I need to spend a few mow weeks healing but I look forward to going back.  They have earned a customer for life!  

Appear to be unfriendly towards people with disabilities

I called at this campground looking for rates. When I asked about pets they were more concerned about noise versus my wife having a first alert medical assistant dog for her epilepsy. Being that if my wife does go into a seizure our dog will bark for help, but that did not seem to matter to them because they were more concerned if people around us would complain. The purpose of a medical assistant dog is to alert when a person gets introuble. This park we have never stayed at and will not recommend to anyone. Apparently they are too discriminary in our opinion. They have not earned a customer with us, and there are a lot more epileptic's out there than this so-called RV Park. Good Day!


I have been camping all my life, I will not recommend this camp ground, if you are not a seasonal camper they make you wear a wrist band. Like your an outcast. The description above states grass for campers and tents, there is No grass there at all. It is just a stone filled hill. There are so many rules to follow it is not fun, there is a board with about 30 sites that can not drive golf carts because they did not follow the rules. Not kid friendly. The pool is nice but nothing else to do except watch golf carts of drinking smoking seasonal ladies drive around all evening. not sure why they did not get yelled at, my kids sure did for riding bikes around. Even check in was uncomfortable. Too many rules, sites are not nice, all stone and those dumb wrist bands.

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Sun Valley Campground

Address of Sun Valley Campground
451 East Maple Grove Road,
Bowmansville, Pennsylvania
USA, 17507
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